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iPhone Blipfox Client

iPhone Client Coming SoonNew Client for the iPhone

Exiting news for BlipFox users:
For the last few months we have been working on a Blipfox client software for the iPhone. The software is an instant messaging client that works over WIFI/3G. This means messages that you send and receive will be free of charge – unlike normal iPhone text messages.  Blipfox IM-client supports  push messages, which means you can run your blipfox client in the background, and you will still be in touch with your friends and famlity. For most of you this will be exiting news!

We are in the final testing phase of Blipfox for iPhone, and we expect to release withing 30 days. BlipFox for iPhone will be available for download in Cydia, and requires a jailbreak. Currently we are looking for pre-release testers with a jailbroken iPhone. If you are interested in beta testing then please contact us.


Prepare & Unlock your iPhone & Jailbreak
If you want to make sure that you are prepared for running blipfox on your iPhone we recommend you unlock  and Jailbreak your device.
Jailbreak  is required to install Blipfox. We recommend IMEI unlocking the iPhone (permanent factory unlocking) to ensure you will be able to use mostly much cheaper local simcards in your iPhone, so you can stay in touch with your friends and family where ever you go.


We are very exited about this new release of Blipfox Client, ofcourse it will support the new iPhone 5 with iOS 6 installed. Please stay tuned and watch this blog as we will be posting regular updates on  Our new IM client will change the way instant messaging works!


Lots of users have been asking us to post screenshots of the new iPhone client, please stop asking as we do not wish to reveal the new user interface before we release Blipfox for iPhone!




Printing from the iphone

One of the most frustrating situations iPhone owners face is when they come across some great content online. It happens all the time: you are browsing through your favorite site or Facebook and you click a link to a site you just can’t leave. In fact, you you are so drawn into the site that simply bookmarking the site won’t do justice to the amount of interest and curiosity you have about the site’s pages. You simply need to print out the pages. The problem is you this going to be quite a hassle if you print out pages the usual way. Usually, you would have to be make an offsite version, create a local copy, send the file to your laptop or desktop via Bluetooth, and print out from your desktop or laptop. Too much hassle. Also, not all graphics and other on-page elements make it through this process. Besides websites, you might have received an email or document and need to print it out. Thankfully, there is a better way to print from your iPhone. Check out the options below so you no longer have to make awkward local copies of great content you simply need to get a hard copy of.

Option #1: Use an External printing service like vistaprint
Online content can be printed trough Vistaprint’s printing on demand web interface. If you need to print out other documents on your iPhone you either need to be lucky enough to live near a Vistaprint office, or simply visit another printingservice in your area. Most printing companies will be happy to assist you to get your iPhone documents printed if you use their service. Before you visit your local printing service, make sure to google them to see if they have positive reviews.


Option #2: Using a printer that is compatible with Airprint

Note: make sure your printer has an updated driver that enables it to print using the Airprint capability of your iPhone. Not all printers have AirPrint support. If your printer doesn’t currently support it, try going online and finding the latest version of the driver for your printer. Sometimes, Airprint support is added on to a particular printer model’s supported formats after the initial release of the printer’s driver.

Step 1: Setup your printer to use Airprint

Usually, this is done automatically with your smartphone because your printer auto-selects Airprint. Some older models require you to manually configure Airprint. If you have an older model, you might want to try your luck at updating your printer’s driver to see if it will support auto-select. If not, go ahead with the manual configuration. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal since it only takes less than a minute of your time.

Step 2: Make sure you are using an iPhone app that uses Airprint

The good news is that most iPhone apps that handle pictures or documents already have Airprint support built in. Indeed, the most common printed documents like emails, web pages, and documents are accessed by apps that mostly Airprint-compatible. Still, it is a good idea to make sure you are using media handling apps that can take advantage of Airprint technology. If not, look for another installed app that you can use to access the media files you want to print out. Make sure these alternative apps support Airprint. If not, you might want to download a new app that handles the same media files but is Airprint-supported.

Step 3: Load the pictures or media you want to print out using the Airprint-compatible app

Use the file selector function of the app to open the particular media file you want to print out.

Step 4: Select the media file you want to print out and share to print

Usually, the exact process for this step is to select the media file you are interested in printing out, click share, then click ‘Print.’

Step 5: Select the printer and print

The media file process will show you the selections of printers to print out to. Pick the Airprint-compatible printer. Tap the option that says ‘print.’

Option #3: Using applications to print on your iPhone

There are certain apps in the Apple iTunes App Store that specialize in printing all sorts of media files. Pick an app that supports the media file you want to print out. There are certain apps that are printer-specific.

For HP printers: If you have an HP printer, look for the app HP ePrint. It is a free app. Download and install it to print out media files to your HP printer.

For all types of printers not just AirPrint-compatible printers: If you don’t have an Airprint-compatible printer or an HP printer, try using the app ‘Print from IRM.’ This is a powerful and versatile iPhone printer app that supports all types of printers. It supports different file types and is compatible with iOS 6 and iOS 5.

Option #4: Unusual ways to print to your iPhone

You can use MS outlook to print out documents. Just set up a new Outlook mailbox specifically for printing and set up an email rule to automatically print materials you sent to that mailbox.

Use the 4 options above to print out pictures, emails, web pages, and documents from your iPhone. Get your printing options to match the mobility and flexibility of your iPhone.

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